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PM Messages

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PM messages in this forum does not get sent. Sits in outbox. How to send?

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Re: PM Messages

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We are sorry push notifications option is not working. We will help you troubleshoot this issue but we need a bit more information to help us figure what can be causing this.

Could you please specify if Push Notification messages are not being delivered to:

  • iOS devices
  • Android devices
  • Both?

Can you also tell us how you send the Push Notification message:

  • Via Push Notifications dashboard
  • Via Server Code
  • Via REST API?

Are you sending your message to many users or it's a targeted Push Notification message?
If you are sending the message via the Push Notifications dashboard, can you send a test message and then go to the Scheduled and History tab. For the message you sent - do you see an error message? If yes, what is the error message? Do you see any other errors there?
ou can check here to learn more: ... end-errors.

Please make sure as well that you have added a valid push certificate in App > Push Notifications > Settings.

Finally, please try the steps below to troubleshoot Push Notification problem: ... ifications.

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