Cannot find module 'cordova-plugin-simple-file-chooser'.

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Cannot find module 'cordova-plugin-simple-file-chooser'.

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I wanted to use the cordova-plugin-simple-file-chooser as it supports multi file selection:


  • Added this to Resource/Cordova Plug in. It has Plugin Id: cordova-plugin-filepath

  • In App settings/Cordova plugin/Imported Cprdova Plugins I found and checked "Chooser"

  • In app setting/Npm modules, added cordova-plugin-simple-file-chooser

  • In Pages/app/Module/Imports added import { Chooser } from 'cordova-plugin-simple-file-chooser';

  • Pages/App/module/Providers added Chooser

  • Pages/ImportIGC/Code/Includes/Custom Includes added {Chooser} and cordova-plugin-simple-file-chooser

  • Pages/ImportIGC/Variables added Name: chooser Type: "Chooser" and checked Add DI

When I test I get the error:
ERROR in src/app/ImportIGC/ImportIGC.ts:40:8 - error TS2307: Cannot find module 'cordova-plugin-simple-file-chooser'.

40 } from 'cordova-plugin-simple-file-chooser';

Code: Select all

src/app/app.module.ts:80:8 - error TS2307: Cannot find module 'cordova-plugin-simple-file-chooser'.

80 } from 'cordova-plugin-simple-file-chooser';

I can't figure out what I've got wrong.

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Re: Cannot find module 'cordova-plugin-simple-file-chooser'.

Post by Evgene Karachevtsev »


We are very sorry, but plugins are outside the scope of our standard support, unfortunately:
You may consider purchasing Services Pack to get help on this question if needed:

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