Using Model and Storage instead of DB

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Using Model and Storage instead of DB

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Hi, I've been familiarizing myself with Appery using a few of the tutorials, but one issue has stumped me.

The app I am working has a privacy focus and on will ideally capture and store data (strings, int) in local storage but not upload it.

Here's an brief example of how I set up the model and storage:



From my reading it looked like I could store data using Model and Storage but I'm struggling to implement it.

Essentially I can create a form that saves input into a storage variable but can't work out how to:

  • Save more than one "record"
  • Retrieve a list of the "records"

I've been working through the Notes with Offline support tutorial but am still stumped.

I think I was expecting to create a service that can perform CRUD operations local storage without ever calling server-side DB. Not sure I'm on the right path anymore... Is this possible and can someone point me in the right direction?

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Re: Using Model and Storage instead of DB

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Could you please clarify how you save/read these values? Using the mapping or the custom JS code?

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