HTML component, with embedded IFRAME height

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HTML component, with embedded IFRAME height

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I am wondering if it is possible to automatically (on initial page load) resize the height of an IFRAME based on it's contents. I know this is possible in a regular HTML webpage using javascript and have tried to apply the methods from the following tutorial within an app. ... e6bfbb1214

I first got the above working on a regular page on my web server, then I pasted the full parent.html HTML code into the HTML component in the app. The height did not get resized, so it did not seem to work. I also then instead of the entire parent.html code, pasted the "minified" version (as explained in the tutorial) into the HTML component, but this did not work either.

Is it possible to have an IFRAME height attribute automatically adjusted to it's contents in Appery, similar to how it's done on a regular webpage using Javascript (or through some other method I am not aware of)?

Thank you for any help.

Serhii Kulibaba
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Re: HTML component, with embedded IFRAME height

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Hello Mark,

Yes, you can use the same trick in your project. What issue exactly did you face with it?

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