Can anyone explain Platform Api Calls?

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Can anyone explain Platform Api Calls?

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I am looking at the subscription options and I dont understand what a Platform API call is. I read on the FAQ: Which says any call to the backend. I just dont know WHY I would be making calls to the appery backend. If I wrote an application which makes use via rest calls to a custom API running on my own servers... When would I ever make calls to an appery backend?

Or am I misunderstanding the way appery works?

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Re: Can anyone explain Platform Api Calls?

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We are happy you took interest in our platform and would like you to know that any call to the backend (Database, Server Code, API Express, etc.) is considered a platform API call. This limitation refers to all the supported applications under the same account.

In accordance with platform development, you can load external data only with API Express services or with "server code". When using the cloud version of API Express, it will be counted against the plan API calls.

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