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need to change domain in API Express

Hi Guys,

Hope you are doing good. I am trying to share my database using API Express and I was able to do it properly. I just want my domain name to be changed in the API REST URL from ... 26a7f8/api to ... 26a7f8/api I have tried my level best but I am not able to understand how to do that

I request you to please help me out with this so that I can proceed further ... it's been 5 days struggling with support but not able to find any proper answer.

the steps I am following is :

  1. Go to API express create project -> new Service -> Generate REST API
  2. fill all the necessary details then click save
  3. I come up with the given url only but I just want my website name over there

please let me know if you have any video tutorial for that as well. I know it must be a silly mistake but I just want help from your side

waiting for your response

Galyna Abramovych
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Re: need to change domain in API Express

From the emails you sent to support it looks like there has been some misunderstanding of what exactly you are trying to do.

Actually, there are two main directions that are possible to take:

  1. Publishing your app as a mobile web app.
    Per your screenshot of the Hosting information section, you were looking to achieve it.
    In this case, the credentials indicated by you need to be edited according to the instructions here: ... figuration.

  2. Setting up a custom API Express Standalone domain.
    If this is what you need to get, you will need to set up your custom API Express backend since we do not provide access to our backend domain and you will need to opt for setting a standalone version.
    You can find more information here:

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