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SOAP WS-Security header with UsernameToken

I have followed the Apprey guide Creating an API for a SOAP Service, however it is not clear on how to handle SOAP WS-Security header with UsernameToken security. Firstly, I cannot obtain WSDL without being authenticated with the specific service I am attempting to connect to.

The scenario is that I need to connect to a 3rd party SOAP service to send data and retrieve data from that service. But before any of that can happen, I need to authenticate using SOAP WS-Security header with UsernameToken.

Is there anyone who had achieved this in the past successfully? Or can direct me to a guide that I can apply within Appery or a workaround?

Galyna Abramovych
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Re: SOAP WS-Security header with UsernameToken

Dear Leon,

Please check the response in the ticket # 47162.

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I am trying to read a message with a RFH2 header using AMI. I am able to read the correct data length using amReceiveRequest but failed to read both the header and the message data. What do I need to do in order to read both the header data and the message data.

Many thanks in advance.

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