Getting distance between two points

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Yurii Orishchuk
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Getting distance between two points

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Hi Deon,

It seems GS change my code above.

Here is a correct to replace:


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         if (XHRResponse.status == 200) { 

             // Get coordinates from the response 
             var lat = JSON.parse(XHRResponse.body).results[0]; 
             var lng = JSON.parse(XHRResponse.body).results[0].geometry.location.lng; 

             var distance = getDistance(lat, latitude, lng, longitude); 

             // If the customer's coordinates are within the radius, 
             // add the customer record to the results array 
             if (distance <= radius) { 

                 &#47;&#47;Push distance value to "distance" response parameter for each object&#46; 
                 customers[i]&#46;distance = distance; 





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Getting distance between two points

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Ha ha. I knew it was going to be something so simple. Show you my js is not so good.

Yurii, thank you very much. I know its not your job to teach me Jscript, but I really do appreciate your assistance!

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