Multiple upload files new function

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Multiple upload files new function

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I've tried this and it won't store the photo to the DB. It takes the photo and displays it fine on the phone but will not upload. I created a login page and I am supplying the sessionToken on before send.

Should the field in the database 'photo' be of type 'file'? I have tried string and file.
I have changed the databaseID to be my database also.

I have tested it in Appery and it will create an entry in the database but I am not specifying an image. It will not save an image from my phone. I am using android 4.2 Jellybean on my phone but want to develop this app for an IOS phone. Could that be a problem?

Yurii Orishchuk
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Multiple upload files new function

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Hi Al,

If you want to make photo and then upload this photo to Files collection of DB you need to follow this tutorial:

Also you need to know that you can upload in this way only one file per request.

So to upload several files you need to do it in series.


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