Adding parameters to rest-service-url

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Evgene Karachevtsev
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Adding parameters to rest-service-url

Post by Evgene Karachevtsev »

Hello Andre,

This is exactly normal behavior of an app to get such error in such situation. If your service is secure, and need login (username) and password, you haven't to send empty authentication fields.

Mark Bowen
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Adding parameters to rest-service-url

Post by Mark Bowen »

I am trying to use the settings service and I am a little confused!

I have configure the settings service (called service) and created a series of settings parameters for my app

I can expose that data through javascript (settings.userName) - how do I turn that into a REST service as described here

What do I actually put in the URL box - when all I want to do is access what is essentially local storage?

Sorry - I am sure this is a really stupid question!

Yurii Orishchuk
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Adding parameters to rest-service-url

Post by Yurii Orishchuk »

Hi Mark,

Here is a brief plan how to use settings in REST service:

  1. Create settings service and fill it with needed parameters.

  2. Open needed service. Choose your "settings service" in service settings tab.

  3. Then you can use any settings parameter in this service.


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