Text Messaging App returns 'Bad Request'

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Text Messaging App returns 'Bad Request'

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public link: http://appery.io/app/mobile-frame?src...

scroll down to the button 'Text Messaging'. It will take to a page similar to the one in the tutorial I mentioned above.

Type the number and the message, and in the browser console you'll get the error message codeFailed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)/code

I tested in the browser chrome and Appery tester.


Serhii Kulibaba
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Text Messaging App returns 'Bad Request'

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It seems like a bug. Please share (http://devcenter.appery.io/documentat...) your app with a href="mailto:support@appery.io" rel="nofollow"support@appery.io/a and provide us app's name.

Yurii Orishchuk
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Text Messaging App returns 'Bad Request'

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Hi Hawk,

I've checked your implementation and see that you send credentials in URL like:




This is not working anymore with Appery.io proxy that you use.

You need to implement base authorization "Authorization" header request parameter.

Please pass following tutorial to understand how it should be implemented:



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