Appery Version 5 Libraries (For IOS-11) and Auto Update - Auto Update is Non Functional

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Appery Version 5 Libraries (For IOS-11) and Auto Update - Auto Update is Non Functional

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As an advocate for the Forum user community I am posting here an issue I have submitted to Appery about 7 days ago by e-mail.

With the advent of Appery Version 5 Libraries - Auto Update is Not Working. Appery has confirmed that based on their tests - that AutoUpdate is in fact not working.

Appery originally promised a delivery date of to fix this issue in an email to me from the a href="" rel="nofollow" of the first week of January. I felt at the time - that given the short turnaround - that notifying the team here was not necessary.

However, that promise has faded based on an update I requested this morning, and there is no firm date for delivery of this fix. There is a note stating that a fix to this 'in the next week or so' - however - that promise is not accompanied by a release date.

So - If you've migrated to the Version 5 libraries - or are thinking of doing so - hesitate for a moment and decision if you can live without Auto Update.

We've found that one of the best features of this platform is auto update - and have decided to hold back on moving to the V5 libraries - until auto Update is working.

if you feel like I do - that auto-update is a critical part of this platform - please comment here - that you agree and would like to see this fixed ASAP. Without your comments - It's not clear what priority this will be given or when a fix will be delivered.

Appery Team - if you'd like to provide a delivery date here - that also would be great and would avoid any concerns we all might have about living without this feature for an extended period of time.