Anyone using Beginners Plan subscription?

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Anyone using Beginners Plan subscription?

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I looked at and like it a lot. Compared to alternative low-code/no-code tools both pricing and features are attractive to small developers.

Looking at the Beginners Plan an app can only have 5 screens max (does Page in the designer mean the same thing as Screen??). That seems very low to be useful in my opinion.
If I have an app with a home, info, about, contact page that leaves just 1 page left for other purposes unless I combine multiple functionalities in one page.

Are there any small developers using the Beginners Plan subscription and if so do you have enough having only 5 pages?

Oleg Solodiuk
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Re: Anyone using Beginners Plan subscription?

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It depends on the logic of your program, for example, you can use the first page for the "Home" screen, a second page with information "About us" (information, about, contact page), and you will have three pages for your needs. Some users have a small project only with two-three pages. If you have a big project then you may consider the opportunity to sign up for our most popular Pro plan. In comparison with our Beginners plan that is created for those developers who are just learning and looking to build a small, lightweight app, the Pro plan is a perfect fit for creating projects that are supposed to have more complex logic and require more screens and/or API calls.

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