Implementing a Color Picker in Appery (jQuery)

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Bruce Stuart
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Implementing a Color Picker in Appery (jQuery)

Post by Bruce Stuart »

To continue the spirit of 'giving back' to the community here and the Appery team that has helped us over the last 3 years.... I've created a quick couple of Videos on implementing a color picker in Appery (jQuery)....

Why? Well - perhaps it's interesting to some. Along the way - we found that implementing this simple component - we were able to actually put several needed skills to use - and thought we'd share them here (Local storage arrays, using an Appery generic service, putting collapsibles to use, coloring items in a list of data - based on attributes in the data itself the color in this example, and some basic Javascript skills that just about anyone can use....)

Also - since the Appery team has been posting a number of useful videos as well on their blog - the user community I'm sure has some useful skills that we can share with others as well.

Oh - we've also created a free plugin that contains the example code, UI, etc. on our Website - the link below.

Happy Thursday / Wednesday!

Videos: (1 of 2) (2 of 2)

Free Plugin:

Also - feel free to join our fledgling Facebook group for Appery Developers:

Evgene Karachevtsev
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Implementing a Color Picker in Appery (jQuery)

Post by Evgene Karachevtsev »

Hello Bruce,

Thank you for sharing this, great tutorial!

Jeffry Reed
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Implementing a Color Picker in Appery (jQuery)

Post by Jeffry Reed »

Hi Bruce,

you did a great job on the video. It was very informative and showed a wide variety of techniques.

However, while I do think that you provided many insights into best practices in general, the exact implementation for a color picker I think there are better ways. Using third party libraries one can achieve a superior solution with a couple lines of code. With webix you have

codevar colorboard = webix.ui({

codevar colorpicker = webix.ui({

and considering that this is part of a large cohesive framework, I would respectively argue this type of approach is a better practice.

best regards,

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