create new users collection?

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Yurii Orishchuk
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create new users collection?

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You need to put session token in some storage.

For this goal:

1 Open storage and mode inteface.
2 Add storage "sessionToken" with type "string".
3 Then open login service and click "Success" mapping.
4 Make link from session token response parameter to "sessionToken" storage.
5 From this time you can link actual session token from this storage.


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create new users collection?

Post by AndyM »

I am curious, why do you provide a Users collection if it cannot be accessed with a list service? Could you provide an example of how the Users collection may be used in an app ?

Serhii Kulibaba
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create new users collection?

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Hello Andy,

It is impossible to use list users service because or security restrictions. Please use Server Code for that

Here you can find an example of usage users collection:

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