Items are not translated in the Panel

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Items are not translated in the Panel

Post by Hawk »

I am translated an entire app, 3 of the pages have a panel that opens when I click a button. Although the parent image (that contains the panel) is translated correctly, the items inside the panel are not translated (label and radiogroup buttons).

I've added in more properties (data-i18n : [text]) for each item.

To reporoduce:


choose the language from selectMenu in login page
credentials: 1234/star1234

Navigate: NavBar: Points -- click on the button (2) in described in the screenshot below, panel will open, which contains the radiogroupbuttons.



I deeply appreciate your help!

Kateryna Grynko
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Items are not translated in the Panel

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Hi Hawk,

Please note 'more properties' is applied to Input component while you need to translate a label, so run the following code before calling codei18n()/code to fix it:prevar arr = Apperyio("panel_132").find("input");

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