Trial edition of my app

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Trial edition of my app

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Hello Support
I have created an App and wish to have 2 versions of the App. A fully functional version and a restricted trial version. On the trial version I wish to have the user to only be able to add a maximum of 20 entries to the database . Also how would I configure the accounts to expire in 60 days?


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Trial edition of my app

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Hello Mark,

Unfortunately custom app logic is outside the scope of standard platform support. You may consider purchasing Advisory Pack to get more in-depth help on this question. Here is more information about it:
You may also try to implement the current logic yourself:
You may count records in a db via server code and disable service on a page when the count reaches 20.
You can remember the date when the app is or run first time and then check the current date. And when 60 days will expire, you may block it, for example by calling some pop up, that can't be removed.

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