Export or backup of project

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Export or backup of project

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I have not been able to work on my appery project for many months and do not see any opportunity to in the near future due to demands of my regular job. Rather that keep paying the $99month fee for nothing I would like to export or backup my project to files, cancel my subscription, and when time allows resubscribe to appery and be able to import my project to continue work.

Could you please advise me on what is the best way to do this? I am only concerned about my project being reimported to appery, does not need to be able to work with any other platform or tool. Also on appery my project has an App, Database collections, and Server Code so I would need to understand how to back/export all parts of the project for later import to Appery.


Evgene Karachevtsev
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Export or backup of project

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Hello Greg,

You can export your project as a backup, just select your project and click on the backup button:
Your database collections you can export as JSON or CSV:
As well as server code:

You'll have a possibility to restore these files later with active Appery.io subscription

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