Appery and xCode

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Appery and xCode

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On another thread here - I had the opportunity to do a couple of videos on the advantages / disadvantages of using xCode when building product for the Apple Store. I'm reposting them - since that thread would not have naturally lead you to what might be a useful overview.

If you're an Appery developer - you might want to understand how to use xCode in conjunction with Appery to create some wins for you and your App.

Here's a quick list of the topics covered in the video. Perhaps this will be of use to some of you now - and others later.

Advantages of Using xCode

You see the ‘real’ errors when you build
Access to ALL the build settings in one place
Actually run your code on a ‘device’ (the simulator is a REAL portrayal of what WILL happen on the phone
See how it will look on ALL devices – without having to have one!
Run most plugins – and debug them
Fewer unexpected outcomes

Disadvantages ** there are some
Slightly more complex
Additional steps to create build