Minimum Permissions For Android

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Minimum Permissions For Android

Post by Mike6979865 »

What are the minimum permission for Android for my application to work. I tried to reduce the permission and my application crashed. I need access to camera, local storage, and read today's date. The default permission ask for too much. I need push supported as well.

Kateryna Grynko
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Minimum Permissions For Android

Post by Kateryna Grynko »

Hi Mike,

You can check here those permissions you need and untick unneeded:

John P
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Minimum Permissions For Android

Post by John P »

I had a situation where my app stopped running on the device just because I disabled some permissions (which the app itself did not use). With no code or UI changes, just restoring to default permissions (which do seem excessive), the app started working again.

I assume Appery's libraries require certain permissions, or maybe there is a check-in with Appery's servers when the app starts up?

Do we need to have certain permissions enabled in order for the app to work? or rather, there ARE some permissions that are always required ... what are they?

Evgene Karachevtsev
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Minimum Permissions For Android

Post by Evgene Karachevtsev »

Hello John,

Permission ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is necessary, but for different devices the number of required permissions may differ.

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