Updating Apperyio plugins

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Andrew Peacock
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Updating Apperyio plugins

Post by Andrew Peacock »


I'm thinking of putting my core app code into an Appery custom plugin, to allow it to be shared between other apps.

I see that I can edit the plugin seperately from the app, via the main Plugins menu.

However, if I make a change, do I need to re-add the plugin to the apps which are using it, or do they auto update?


Serhii Kulibaba
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Updating Apperyio plugins

Post by Serhii Kulibaba »

Hello Andrew,

They don't update automatically, so you have to re-add them after some changes.

Michael Droll
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Updating Apperyio plugins

Post by Michael Droll »

Is this still the answer to the question?

the problem I have is that when I re-add the plugin it make duplicates of EVERYTHING! which means I have to delete the old pages, services, css, JS, custom components and the have to redo all the events and links to match the new pages names. This makes it very time-consuming.

Evgene Karachevtsev
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Updating Apperyio plugins

Post by Evgene Karachevtsev »

Hello Michael,

Yes, the algorithm of plugins working is still the same.

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