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Push Initialize not firing - why?

I have an app called 'Treff' (shared with support). The latest version of PushPlugin (2.3.0) is enabled and Push Notifications is enabled in the Appery settings area. NO changes have been made to the source and NO custom plugins are enabled.

However, I have added the following code to run when Push Initialize fires:

codeconsole.log('Push Initialize has run');/code

..but it does not show in the Weinre debugging console. I can see pushNotificationDeviceID in the localstorage via Weinre, but pushNotificationToken is missing.

I'm testing on an iPad running the latest version of iOS 13.

Just to be sure, I have also created a completely blank JQuery Mobile app (called 'Treff Test'; also shared with support). Despite following all the above steps, the exact same problem exist with that app too.

Can you please help?

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