Generate an id for imported data (Excel)

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Generate an id for imported data (Excel)

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I was hoping that importing data would auto-generate/increment the ID column but it doesn't (unless I'm mistaken?)

So I wrote this function in Excel VBA to generate a random string for the "id".

Usage: (in Excel column)

Function MakeApperyID(length As Integer) As String
' create a id string of "length" chars using 0-9 and a-f only
' in keeping with Appery DB _id format you could call this
' with length 4 to create a starting 4 char sequence in a fixed cell location
' and then add that to a length 20 call to create the remainder of the ID

Code: Select all

 Dim Result 
 Dim i, j, k 
 Dim ch 

 Randomize (Now) 
 Result = "" 
 For i = 1 To length 
   k = CInt(Rnd()) 'zero or one to decide on letter or number 
   If k = 0 Then 
     j = CInt(Rnd() * 5) 
     ch = Chr(j + 97) 
     j = CInt(Rnd() * 9) 
     ch = Chr(j + 48) 
   End If 
   Result = Result + ch 
 MakeApperyID = Result 

End Function

Feel free to use, amend and feedback any useful changes.

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Re: Generate an id for imported data (Excel)

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Hello, uses mongoDB, which has another way to generate IDs, so it doesn't increment the ID in the database.

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