Multiple Where values in Mapping

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Multiple Where values in Mapping

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I am trying to perform a mapping event for a DB query service. I need to have the query pull data where to_users._id (Column Name) = (Storage Variable) and profile (Column Name) = SelectedProfile (Storage Variable).

My current code within the TS of the "where" mapping (Attached screen shot):

var profile ="SelectedProfile");
var q = '{"$and":[{"to_users._id":"'+value+'"},{"profile":"'+profile+'"}]}';
return q;

I can't quite get the syntax to work properly. I do not get any errors but it also does not return anything.

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Re: Multiple Where values in Mapping

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Please use a simple TS code here:

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const profile ="SelectedProfile");

return {"$and":[{"to_users._id": value},{"profile": profile}]};
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